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What is myATM

myATM is a cash management solution, designed for retailers, who would like to acquire free-to-use or pay-to-use ATMs and install them at locations of their own choice. myATM provides great opportunities for storing cash, facilitating card transactions and a new way to increase profit, using surcharge fee.

myATM includes:
Self-fill ATMs

Lobby type ATMs with possibility to be filled by the merchant.

E-money account

Free e-money account where the withdrawn amount is settled together with the commissions from surcharge fees.

Online platform

Online platform providing 24/7 real-time monitoring and management of the ATM machines.


Discover a new revenue channel

Set a surcharge fee and make profit from transactions.

Save on cash-handling services

Use daily cash inflow to refill the ATM and save on cash collection costs.

Grow customer satisfaction and loyalty

By offering an easy access to cash, customers will keep coming back.

Bring new clients and boost sales

An ATM on the premises attracts potential customers to become new clients.

Easy placement and installation

Thanks to their convenient size and quick installation, our ATMs are ideal for every commercial space.

Use own Branding

Create your custom ATM branding and increase your brand awareness.

Online platform

In order to provide a full turnkey solution, myATM has a user-friendly online platform, designed for real-time monitoring and management of the ATM machines.

Transaction details

ATM status

Revenue details

Paper and cash supply

Notification system

Multi-user access

Suitable for every type of business

Shopping malls mean high traffic and big spending. Giving an easy access to cash, by placing an ATM in the area will increase the satisfaction of mall customers and give them one more reason to come back.
Shopping malls
Increase the foot traffic and sales in your supermarket. With ATM inside the premises, people are more likely to come in to withdraw money and spend it in your store. In addition, you can earn from surcharge fees.
As a small business owner in the retail hospitality, restaurant or other market, providing your customers with easy access to cash is of importance to everyone. myATM is an easy way to generate extra income through surcharge fees, additional foot traffic, and additional purchases.
Small businesses
People staying at hotels are relying on ATMs to supply them with easy access to their money. With myATM you can add one more service to your hotel, earn additional money from surcharge fees and make your guests satisfied.
There are more versatile ways to make sure your employees know you value them. Placing a free-to-use ATM at work, will increase their satisfaction and provide added value, by giving them an easy access to cash, without the need to go out of the premises.

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